The Robot Diet: lose weight and keep it off!

Have you ever heard about the Robot diet?
Well, it’s boring.
But it also has several advantages.

  • The first advantage of the Robot diet is that it will make you lose weight.
  • The second is that you do not have to count calories.
  • The third is that the Robot diet is a very easy diet to follow, it does not steal you extra time.

But what exactly is the Robot diet?
The Robot diet is a diet based on two simple rules.

  1. Eat the same amount of food every day.
    Consume, with few variations, practically the same foods every day.
  2. You only have some food categories to follow.
    That’s why the Robot diet is called like that.
    Basically, it is a very simplified diet.
    It has been proposed as an effective method to lose weight by many experts, such as Tim Ferriss and Chris Masterjohn.

The robot diet allows you to stay away from the foods that cause your extra weight, those that you can not control by yourself, and makes you feel much less hungry, especially after the first few days.

At the beginning, as I said, the Robot diet is boring.

But it has the great advantage of shifting your attention from food to other things and significantly reduces hunger.
Also, you also save a lot of money and time.
Let’s see how to do it.
You can choose whether to make it vegetarian, vegan or complete.

At page three you can read my sample plan.
A basic food list is available here, but I made several researches and decided to include some extra foods, with a proposal of servings per each food, to require the basic nutritional standards and lose the same amount of weight (without making mistakes!).