The zero vitamin A diet or vitamin A detox diet

The blog of the engineer and geologist Grant Genereux, who claims to have defeated the eczema that has influenced his whole life with a zero vitamin A diet, is gaining popularity in Usa.

Genereux, 54, has written two books that can be downloaded for free, with a theory in mind.
What if the cause of autoimmune diseases, from psoriasis to type 1 diabetes, is an excess of vitamin A?
According to Genereux, vitamin A is not a vitamin at all.
It is a toxic substance that the human body can not free itself over the years. Unlike herbivorous and wild animals, humans accumulate vitamin A as the years go by.
This, according to Genereux, would be the triggering cause of autoimmune diseases, including celiac disease.

In support of his thesis, as I said, Genereux not only brings his experience, that is to have defeated his eczema in 4 years thanks to a zero vitamin A diet.

But he also noticed that the people who followed his indications had the same improvements.

And finally a series of scientific studies and experiments on humans and animals.
Anyone who wants to, can download his e-books here.
According to Genereux, vitamin A depresses the immune system.
This causes not only the spread of autoimmune diseases, but also psychic and depressive problems, severe skin problems, weight gain, osteoporosis and even the risk of cancers, precisely because it would poison liver and intestine.

The zero vitamin A diet is restrictive of all foods that contain vitamin A, such as cheese and liver or oily fish or supplements such as cod liver oil.

But also all foods that contain beta-carotene. Such as leafy vegetables, milk and even skimmed dairy products, which still contain some vitamin A according to him.
His zero vitamin A diet is essentially the following.